Addressing Gender Barriers against Young Women’s Career Development in Nasarawa State.

In 2022, we rounded off a project on Career Barriers and Workplace Sexual Harassment against Young Women in the Federal Capital Territory where we engaged about 1060 young women from private, public, and development sectors. From our findings, it was obvious that more work needs to be done to conquer the many barriers women face[…]

We Won’t Relent

Women still encounter a lot of barriers in the workplace. This has its many disadvantages which is why we would continue to advocate until young women can enjoy a safe working environment globally. Here are some benefits of having a safe workspace 1. Increase in productivity. 2. Better job performance. 3. Improve health and mental[…]

16 days of Activism

To mark the 16 days of Activism 2022, HEIR Women Hub will be hosting live sessions to discuss pressing issues that concern violence against women and girls with possible recommendations to proffering long-lasting solutions. We would be engaging dignitaries from different works as we discuss the future of young women. The theme for this year’s[…]

A November To Remember

Welcome to November 2022. We are counting days before the year wraps up. Perhaps, you weren’t able to achieve everything on your to-do list. Maybe time just slipped off your hands before you even noticed. Waiting till the end of the year to start making plans for the new year may be what you need[…]

A Media Advocacy to Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria

The HEIR Women Hub team paid an advocacy visit to Radio Nigeria (Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria) to discuss on the project on Career Barriers and Workplace Sexual Harassment against Young Women in Nigeria as supported by @fordfoundation and possible ways to work with the corporation to create awareness to the public on Sexual Harassment[…]

Do you know?

Being a woman in the 21st century isn’t a disadvantage even though circumstances around us may suggest so. Women have encountered a series of challenges at different points in time. Can we all join hands together and help women have a safer living condition in society? Saving a woman is saving a generation. At HEIR[…]

Are you a learner? – Increase your learning with this 3 actions

I find that positioning yourself to recognise that you are in a constant place of learning may not be easy but will be worth it. It is easy to know a few things and call oneself an “expert’ in the field of that knowledge however the reality is that innovation is happening every minute. What[…]

Five barriers to gender equality in the formal workplace – What young women aspiring into career positions should know.

I recently read a report done by McKinsey Global Institute titled “The Power of Parity – Advancing women’s equality in Africa and the barriers mentioned are key to note because women experience barriers to career climb differently from men. Read the 5 barriers from this report on how to expand your understanding and arm you[…]

#Self Love – 4 steps in achieving true self acceptance.

The mantra,  #SelfLove (hashtag self love) is one trend we can’t get enough of. Loving all of you is a very fulfilling experience and one sure way to achieve some sort of balance in your life is to be deliberately strategic about loving yourself. Loving yourself is something that I find can never reach its[…]