Become a transformational leader with HEIR Women Development’s Leadership Drive

HEIR Women Development is 4 years old and our story begun when we saw the need to educate girls and young women to become decision makers and consciously think leadership.
The current reality that women face in attaining leadership positions is huge, unemployment figures negatively affects women, education is yet to be a priority for girls and more are out of school, women political participation is less than 6% in the current 9th assembly as well as many barriers that contribute to stifle the participation of women in leadership. We need to work and close the gaps that exist and empower more girls and women to aspire to become leaders.
To celebrate our 4th year, we are launching a leadership drive. Leaders are made. A leader can be anyone, woman or man, young or old. This leadership drive is aimed at collecting information about the key leadership skills you think you need and let us create a learning intervention for you. But you can only participate if you fill out the form.
Please see leadership drive link attached, complete this and submit. Grow your leadership skills with us. It’s FREE!
Thank you for trusting, following and supporting us through the years. We are just getting started. Join our community! @heirwoman on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Fill out the form, share and let’s become leaders of tomorrow, today!
Thank you from all of us at HEIR Women Development

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