7 Investments To Make In Yourself Before The Year Runs Out.

No one could predict that this year, 2020, would be the year that would question what we know to be normal. The year has been one that has pushed boundaries and set a different expectation for everyone globally. The last quarter of the year is here and as uncertain as it may seem, we can find ways to make sure the year 2020 leaves us with something to remember.



Make this 7 investments before the year runs out:

  • Check your Vision – You start off with a very clear vision with the aim of achieving each goal however you can’t tell when the storms may come or when it will be windy. At every moment, check the vision and check what maybe temporarily delaying it. Checking your vision can help you re-strategise better ways to continue to achieve your goals


  • Lead by example – The first person to lead is you. Leadership starts you, your vision, goals and dreams. You are also, unconsciously or consciously, an example that sometimes, you can lead without knowing you are. Let your platform be an example of exemplary leadership.


  • Evaluate your Hardwork – Usually, the proof of a taste is in the pudding. Working hard without results can be frustrating. At this point, try to evaluate your output versus your input. You may just need to work smarter.


  • Review your Commitment – Consistency at a thing or work is a good thing. Your commitment is usually due to the results as well. Check your goal, vision to be sure it’s still aligned to what you are committed to. There’s nothing wrong if you reach a place that warrants you to revisit your commitment.


  • Increase your Curiosity – An anonymous quote suggests that the greatest room in the whole world is the room for improvement. Let me just say that curiosity never kills a cat, but being intentional about how curious you are, giving yourself the opportunity to learn, grow, ask questions, is a great tool to have.


  • Respect others – One of the qualities of a leader is the respect for others. This includes respect for diversity, culture, experiences, history, backgrounds, environments and mindsets. Inclusive thinking, listening and empathy are a few of what helps in respecting others.


  • Embrace change – I bet we didn’t ever imagine that this will be our reality, as we live so the COVID-19 virus. A lot is changing and it won’t stop there. The great thing about change is the opportunity to learn new ways of living, working, thinking and doing. Change is very essential, embrace it.


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