#Self Love – 4 steps in achieving true self acceptance.

The mantra,  #SelfLove (hashtag self love) is one trend we can’t get enough of. Loving all of you is a very fulfilling experience and one sure way to achieve some sort of balance in your life is to be deliberately strategic about loving yourself.

Loving yourself is something that I find can never reach its apex. It is a constant, conscious and intentional effort you put in to achieve what you need at certain points in time.

Self love means that you have regard for your total being. This consistency applies to every facet of our life – career, family, relationships, spirituality. There is a need to always find ways to see that you are loving who you are becoming.


To get to a place of genuine self love, 4 things should be considered. It all begins with the self.

Self Evaluation

Review, reflect and reason out who you are, where you are and where you need to be at certain points. We can sometimes want to paint a picture of all is well thereby lying to ourselves but how far can that take us? Evaluating yourself enables you know what you may be lacking and why and then plotting steps to change and close the gaps.

Self Development

How do you now what to develop if you do not evaluate yourself to know what you need to develop or improve upon? That is the benefit of evaluating one self. The challenge of some is the entitlements mindset which can really be detrimental to achieving your self love status when you need someone else to grow you and be responsible for your development. Find out what needs improving upon and find strategic ways to improve upon them. Your development should be your priority and responsibility.

Self Confidence

A lot of what we can achieve has a seed of confidence or being confident. Self love is attainable when self confidence isn’t lacking. Taking yourself, in all your glory, great and not so great, and pushing that forward at all times elevates the power of self confidence. When you evaluate and develop yourself, confidence is inevitable.

Self Appreciation

Taking a moment to acknowledge yourself and give yourself a pat on the back is one way to achieve self love. You have set achievable milestones and well, not all was achieved. Focus on the ones you have met or achieved and congratulate yourself well. The need to do this cannot be over emphasised.

Self love isn’t to be taken for granted. It is a powerful way to keep your eyes on the most important things while enjoying the growth process.

Remember, self love is not meant to be selfish neither is it self centered. Self love is even more appealing when people around you are positively impacted by it.

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