Are you a learner? – Increase your learning with this 3 actions

I find that positioning yourself to recognise that you are in a constant place of learning may not be easy but will be worth it. It is easy to know a few things and call oneself an “expert’ in the field of that knowledge however the reality is that innovation is happening every minute. What you think you know now will, in a matter of seconds, become obsolete.

Learning is an action word. It is a pursuit of knowledge at all times. It is recognising that someone else knows a little bit more than you do and then positioning and tasking yourself to learn more.

That is why certification exists, researches are constantly conducted and new concepts and ideas are developed. Innovation is a constant process and so how do you stay learning in a constantly changing world?

I picked up 3 key areas about learning from a recent leadership masterclass I attended and I recommend that you adapt this.

Go on: ASK.

Contrary to popular opinion, asking questions is not a cowardly or dumb thing to do. It is an intelligent move. I find that many people are ashamed to ask questions for fear of being laughed at, mocked or shamed. This can cause the ignorance to be unresolved and the person may never get the knowledge or information they need. Asking questions is a smart move. It shows you are listening, you are interested in the conversation and you are willing to learn. I ask questions all the time and even if I may know the answer, asking questions can further clarify your thoughts or affirm your thinking or perspective on a matter.

Release your inner detective. OBSERVE.

When you are held in a hospital for a little longer than normal, it means there is more information that may be required before a decision is reached. That is how observation works. It is the act of looking, checking, watching, evaluating something in order to make better informed judgement about a thing. It is an intelligence move, when you are able to take your time to observe where you are, be sensitive and self discerning, be careful with utterances and gather as many information as possible. Observation as a skill is a great way to learn.

Rethink it in bite sizes. REFLECT

Reflection, if imbibed as a habit, will increase your learning moments. Think about what actions, conversations, incidents, meetings or emotion has occurred and give it a re-think. The ability to reflect happens afterwards and I call it a “behind the scenes” moments of your interactions. Intervention can come out of reflection. During these moments, try to re-evaluate your actions, give yourself an honest opinion of what may be on your mind and take relevant steps to action any that needs it.

The need and place of learning is a constant process. Growth is inevitable if learning is a life long journey.

“If the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable” – Myles Monroe

Remember, power flows to the one who knows.


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