So you got the job!! Now what? – 5 steps to help you settle into a new role

newjobThat call comes through, the one you have been waiting for, and it says “Congratulations. You got the job”. The moment you feel is so exciting and exhilarating and you cannot stop the joy.

Many job seekers have experienced this and for some reason, focus more on the good news than planning on how to start their new role on the right foot.



We have 5 simple steps to help you settle in well.

Your wardrobe

Depending on the type of job it is, wardrobe co-ordination is very essential. Your first day at work should be a day you can easily create a professional impression. Get your outfits suitable enough to show that you are ready, qualified and happy to be given an opportunity at the company. I suggest you do smart and professional dressing in your first few weeks until you settle into your role and the organisations culture.

Please, show up!- Literally

Yes, you got the job. No, you cannot call in sick! The day you resume is not only important to you but to your employers as well. Most organised companies would have dedicated some amount of time and resource to preparing for the day you start your role. You need to be there and be there early. It shows enthusiasm, responsibility, respect, eagerness and readiness when you show up for your new job.

Pay attention

You will need listening skills as you start a job and settle into your new role because there will be a lot to take in. Ensure you take a note and pen with you and jot down things that seem a little out of sync with your understanding for starters so you can come back to them later. Do not be afraid to ask questions. After all, it’s a new job and new role and this period is very crucial in getting you settled fast and well.

Represent yourself

The best person to represent you is you. So, when you begin a new role, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself, your role and what you are there to do. I recommend practicing a simple sentence that clearly articulates your purpose and goal for that role. Take the opportunity to do so at the coffee table or during lunch with your immediate team or department colleagues. This helps break down any initial anxiety you may be feeling from starting a new job.

Don’t leave

You heard me. Do not be in a hurry to run out of the office door bang on time. It is your first day or week at work. Linger on a little after work hours and see how things get on after work. Some colleagues may have time for chats after work hours and maybe that is the best time to ask some questions you didn’t want to ask early on.

Understanding the culture of your organisation or workplace environment is essential to aiding you settle in and be at your top productive best.

Do you have any more tips that helps you settle into a new work environment, please share with us. We are listening.

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