Are you experiencing a glitch in chasing your goals? – This 5 Ds will help you score big

I had a look at my vision board. A reflective look. My brain reminded me that June is the 6th month in this year, equally splitting the year into half. I could see some goals on my board have been achieved and some, still work in progress.

It is important to keep my drive levels moving along and so with that in mind, I picked up this 5 ‘push factors” from a speaker and decided to share with you.

Determination – Doggedness towards your goal is an ingredient that can self motivate you to achieving. It will push you, inspire you, cause you to persevere. Grit is synonymous with this term and those who are relentless benefit a great deal.

Diligence – It is always a very worthwhile habit to be very attentive, being thorough and careful to produce something excellent or exceptional. A work ethic that produces results will definitely be characterised by diligence

Development – Being in charge of your growth and progress is inevitable. I find that many limiting situations confronts us however those are very great opportunities to deepen knowledge and increase capacity. Taking responsibility of your own personal development will surely be something that has little or no regrets.

Discipline – I derive great benefits from certain defined codes of conduct or behaviour and so I believe that discipline is essential in goal actualization. This term can either be an action or an inaction. You can ensure that you create and work within certain set criteria as well as follow preferred but result oriented principles as an act towards self discipline

Denial – I prefer to define this term as ‘positive distractions”. Stop or deny yourself from things that take away value from your overall goal. Distract yourself from your distractions and drum up the energy to focus on your vision

You and I can achieve no doubt however we do need to re-enforce this 5 Ds to ensure we strategize and set sail towards our vision this year.

To your success.

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