Historicising Women Leadership- King Ahebi Ugbabe. The Woman who became King.

Discovering and studying the life of a King called Ahebe Ugbabe, first woman who became King, first woman to become a Warrant Officer during colonial interruptions, first woman to act in the capacity of a King in a Kingdom in  Igbo land and perform male centered norms such as masquerade and wife marrying, brought an ambivalence in present day reality of women’s exclusion in leadership. An ethnographic discovery by Chinua Achebe’s daughter, Nwando Achebe, this history brought about layers of knowledge and rich historical information about women who lead

The Status on Gender – A Nigerian Observation

While the imposition of gender on our Nation had negative intentions, we can transform this into a positive change and utilise it as a “check” on meeting the needs of us all- men and women. The Gender ideology we have today should be challenged so that as a concept, it can be used to transform our society to be inclusive of the representation of us all. 

Self Defence Training – A must for young women and girls.

HEIR Women Development and TechHerNG partnered to deliver a unique self defence training session for women and girls in the FCT. Watch a clip on our youtube channel Read more about this on Blueprint Newspaper    Connect with us through other social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It is @heirwoman