Bitter Lemon (A story)

Bitter Lemon My name is Amaka. I am a second-class upper graduate from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. I always thought my good result would pave the way for me after graduation, but I was wrong. Entering into the Nigerian labor market played out a different script for me. I got a job[…]

Media Publications on Career barriers and workplace sexual harassment against young women in Nigeria.

Research Publication Updates. The recent research on career barriers and workplace sexual harassment in Nigeria has attracted the attention of different publication and media houses in Abuja Nigeria. Many thanks to the team at HEIR Women Development and FORD FOUNDATION who worked tirelessly to make this happen. Below are links to some of our publications[…]

Creating Your Territory

No human can survive independent of others. There is a social need for every individual under the sun. In one daily desire to meet the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, it is inevitable to relate without humans. In all of these, it is crucial to have your territory defined. The people who are[…]

Sexual Harassment at work place (2)

Sexual Harassment at workplace (2) HEIR Women Development is a social enterprise borne out of the need to see young women take on more decision-making positions and venture into leadership opportunities. In this regard, we recently completed research on “Career barriers and workplace sexual harassment against young women in Nigeria,” using Abuja Nigeria as a[…]