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Arriving in the month of November in 2023 feels like a cocktail of emotions for me as I see the year winding up – how do you feel about the year thus far?

I could catalogue highs and lows in the past months however they may appear, it has all added to shifting from a place of comfort in order to stretch out.

Speaking to stretching and shifting comfort zones, my team and I have been privileged to think up ideas and given the opportunity to deploy these into projects, through, and with the support of impact focussed partners.

The aim and goal of our projects is to reach and impact, cutting across institutions with a pulse on our mission- to dismantle what causes our Nation to remain at a level that’s still struggling to mainstream all of her gender resources across platforms of leadership and decision making.

As we close out some partnerships, we connect with new stakeholders. This keeps us in a service to humanity and energised to continue to work in the development space, adding value and making required implementable changes.

I am relentlessly committed to critically examine what dis-empowers us all and have articulated my thoughts in an article marking the Day of the Girl 2023. (Read it on our website and our SM platforms- @heirwoman). My goal is to continue ensuring inclusivity both in approach to solutionising issues as well as implementing through impact focused projects.

I encourage you to work on plugging any gaps that may be between you and your tomorrow. Many of the gaps can be person centered as opposed to blame oriented. There’s only one of one- only you can do this for you. Reaching others is as a result of your overflow, make yourself count in your future. Legacy will speak.

Remain impactful

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