16 days of Activism

To mark the 16 days of Activism 2022, HEIR Women Hub will be hosting live sessions to discuss pressing issues that concern violence against women and girls with possible recommendations to proffering long-lasting solutions. We would be engaging dignitaries from different works as we discuss the future of young women. The theme for this year’s[…]

A Training Program

The Social Development Secretariat (SDS) in collaboration with EU-UN Spotlight Initiative Program, organized a One-day training on data collection and documentation utilizing the national GBV data tools for reporting on the 16th of November 2022. The training session was exclusive and so much was unveiled as to how GBV cases are to be documented and[…]

Breaking the Bias of Sexual Harassment at workplaces to mark the International Women’s Day 2022.

Breaking the Bias of Sexual Harassment at workplaces to mark the International Women’s Day 2022. HEIR Women Development held 2 live sessions last weekend on Twitter Spaces, and IG live to mark International Women’s Day. These two sessions were held on the 7th of March and the 11th of March. It was enlightening and expository[…]

Creating Your Territory

No human can survive independent of others. There is a social need for every individual under the sun. In one daily desire to meet the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, it is inevitable to relate without humans. In all of these, it is crucial to have your territory defined. The people who are[…]

Actions: They speak.

  Actions: They speak. The saying “Action Speaks louder than words” isn’t an unfamiliar saying to you. As cliché as this phrase is, it holds a lot of truth. People often judged us for things we did even before speaking a word. • Take parenting, for instance, have you realized it is easier for kids[…]

Success Habits to Imbibe For Career Development

Success is a destination that requires a lot of hard work to arrive at. Most successful people are those who have discovered their purpose and daily works very hard to attain their goals and dreams. Renowned entrepreneurs and captains of industry are those who invest most of their time and give their best shot at[…]

5 Toxic Behaviour Found at Workplace

Toxic behavior is also found in the workplace as individuals make up the workspace. Therefore, if an individual’s behavior is toxic, it tends to affect their colleagues thereby having adverse effects on the operation and development of the organization. There are several toxic behaviors found in workplaces, for this article, we will be discussing five[…]