It’s time to recognize and celebrate the crucial role that women play in economic development. From contributing to household income to making their own financial decisions, these powerhouse women are not only boosting their autonomy but also empowering their communities.

Moreover, with increased visibility in the workforce, women are taking on a greater role in the economy, paving the way for a more gender-equal future. As we witness these changes, let’s embrace the value of women’s contributions and support the next generation of young women as they build a brighter future for us all.

During our IG live session last Friday, we examined the fearless story of the celebrity fashion designer, Veekee James and her impact on our society. It leaves us with no greater motivation than to urge young women to be relentless in the pursuit of their careers because there is absolutely nothing that is hindering their shine.

Let’s encourage the sister next door. Let’s shift away from dragging to a whole new world of building up women around us.

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