Work Wisdom – How to hold it down in a male-dominated industry.

Many industries have more women in entry level positions than men. Very few women make it to the equity, partnership and high level management roles.

It can be tough to think about and to also see it play out over and over again however getting wound up about it alone will not change the status quo but thinking through an action and applying it intentionally is needful.

My values center around hardwork, equality, intelligence and respect. I have experienced situations where the main reference is about being a woman, fuelling the narrative that women aren’t enough which is far from the truth.

I see all the reasons (and excuses) laid out as skills, talents and gifts that I have as an addition, skills that I very well transfer and translate to enable my effectiveness and efficiency.

In such scenario, I choose to dismiss the un-intelligent remarks and get on with it or address it if need be. Respect is paramount. I respect myself and ensure that I communicate and articulate myself and my point clearly without ambiguity.

Hepeating” is very common in such industries and it simply means a man getting credit for what a woman has said or an idea a woman has. If it comes from a woman, it can be dismissed but if a man says the same thing or presents the same idea the woman originally presented, it is respected.

I will suggest you repeat yourself until you are noticed, your point taken and you are given credit for it. Increase your leadership presence and develop your intelligence around subject matters pertaining to your industry. Do some intentional and strategic networking to identify with key industry leaders. Keep the door open for other women when you walk in, create a seat at the table for younger women to develop when you are there.

The world is adapting to women taking on key leadership positions and decision making roles, let us get on with it.

“I have a feeling that, in the end, training is the answer to a great many things. You can do a lot if you are properly trained. And I hope I have been” – The Queen of England.

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