We Featured on Love 104.5 FM for International Day of the Girl Child

Happy International Day of the Girl Child. HEIR Women Hub was live at Love 104.5 FM Abuja With @penieldiala to discuss on the topic: Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being amidst the Prevalence of Gender-Based Barriers militating against Young Women’s Career Doevelopment in Nigeria. It was an educating session indeed with many salient[…]

Why Do We Have An International Education Day?

Today is the International Education Day. Do you know that poverty, peer pressure, early marriage, unwanted pregnancy, negligence, rape, ignorance, being their family’s burden bearers, and lack of parental care are parts of the challenges hindering girl child education in Nigeria? The gap is wide but today is a reminder to join our hands together[…]


Assumption is an unpleasant thing when it comes to complex human problems. Until details are put together with proper data collection, errors may just keep reoccurring. The workplace records unequal power relations as it relates to wages, poverty, and mental well-being. This survey aims to address the knowledge and understanding of men’s perspective of workplace[…]

Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being” the theme for Day of the Girl, 2023, resonates with me very strongly as one who has championed and advocated for leadership and decision-making roles for young women and girls.

In trying to unpack this theme, I reflected on the power dynamics and relations in order to try to re-think a realistic and sustainable possibility of reimagining girls as future leaders. Some institutions of power, discipline, and orientation across platforms have settled on projecting a discourse and the normalization of who a leader is (or[…]

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TheNigeriaWeWant is not so far from us but if we keep looking at the wrong places, our vision will only get blurry. In December 2022, the Nigeria Youth Futures Fund, and LEAP Africa with support from Ford Foundation and MacArthur Foundation Launched a youth-centred grant and HEIR Women Hub was selected as one of the[…]

Our Thematic Focus and Concerns

Leadership: HEIR Women Development and HEIR Women Hub believes that women and young women are powerful change agents. The far-reaching benefits of development through gender parity in leadership and decision-making must be increasingly recognized. Our mission is driven by the need to improve the positioning of women and young women as leaders and decision-makers at[…]