5 Ps you can adapt that will boost your career immediately.

DISCIPLINE. Most of us will agree that the first thing that the military instils is discipline.

The military life is one I am privileged to know and grow up in and if you have any idea about how they operate from a work mindset perspective, you will understand that there absolutely is a lot of key skills that can be learnt and developed from the Military work ethic.

Career capacity is always expandable. Effective career tips will always be one which is evolving and produces results. A lot of us may find that we have this skill or set of skills and some of us still need to continually develop them.

Whatever career space you find yourself, always apply this 5Ps.




It involves consistency and dedication to the goal. You always find yourself getting better at “anything” when you practice it, and do so with consistency. An old adage says ‘practice makes perfect’ however I find that it is the right practice and the right application of what you practice that eventually makes it perfect. Practice alone will not get you there, you need a combination of other key skills to get you to your desired outcome.


Doing something exactly as it should be done is a core trait of the military. No mistakes, follow rules and apply your learning as accurately as you can possibly can. You will find that the act of being precise will enable and guide you to becoming the best or as commonly known ‘an expert’ in your chosen field.


While most of us may have an understanding of this to some degree, the meaning of patience when it comes to waiting is paramount because the act of being patient is actually a leadership skill. Growth and development takes time and patience. You develop how to think strategically and the ability to evaluate a situation critically while being patient.


Practice and perseverance can thoroughly enable your career goals reach an all time high. To be consistent in a particular skill has tremendous positive outcome. Now in persistence, you may come across rare challenges and intense difficulties however growth in your career will stem from maintaining your capacity and remaining committed to achieving your goals.


The influence you have and can exert on others is termed power. I would like to write about having power over yourself. The ability to control yourself and set yourself a standard, rules, values, personality traits in order to become the best version of yourself is powerful. You need to have this clarity about the importance of power over your motives, your passion, your drive, your goals and your future.

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