7 career skills that we can adopt for intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship success

I have always believed that not everyone is called to be a business owner nor is everyone cut out to have a fulfilling career. Our purpose are very different and this will be achieved when we accurately align our passion with our skills.

Skill acquisition is a constant development process that will not stop anytime soon. Statistics prove that there aren’t enough skillset to match existing career opportunities neither is there any business owner who has all the skills he or she needs to run a successful business.

I published an article on She Leads Africa about skills that are transferable. The skills gap may vary from role to role and from business to business but here are a few skills that are relevant to both career and entrepreneurship.


A set of skills that enables one to steer people to a direction, Leadership skills ecompasses all of the below named skills, and then more.

A leader is much more than a title. The skill sets are involving, evolving sacrificial, selfless, visionary, indispensable and rewarding.

Tip– A leader shows room for improvement and applies herself to growing, learning and development. Leadership qualities cut across career, entrepreneurship, family and community life.

Time Management

Managing time is being able to identify what needs to be done and when it needs to get done. Just like the Organisation and Planning skills, Time Management helps you prioritise your tasks and schedule them within the given timeline. A regular office hour is 8 hours long. You will be required to utilise the given amount of hours to your assigned role or tasks for the day. Some jobs may require longer hours however, the ability to still ensure you get your tasks done and in time is relevant.

Tip– You have 24hrs for each day. Avoid a delayed start to your day. Setting off early gives leverage. Use alarms, calendar reminders and notepads as a support to help you manage time wisely.

Teamwork, Collaboration and Networking

Every great organisation values a team player. An ability to work well within teams is a requirement for career progression and success. Collaboration of efforts, co-ordination of people and carrying people along are all benefits of having a team player. Understanding that your sets of duties or tasks is dependent on others input and vice versa, means you appreciate the efforts of others in the total fulfilment of the team and company goals.

Tip– People are made up of work, social and personal life. Be respectful, show empathy. Understand those you work with, what better ways to gain attention and how best they can add value to your role in that organisation.

Negotiation and Persuading Skills

Negotiating is a process that brings about a perceived equal balance of wants or needs between different parties. As a negotiator, you need to be well informed about what the other person’s part is and their requirement and how best to meet them without jeopardizing your position or what you want from them.

Tip– Negotiation works well with persuasive (convincing) skills. Getting someone on your side of the table and doing so with tact, humour, attraction of the offer, intelligence and wealth of knowledge about the situation is key.

Analysis and Investigation

In simpler terms, analytical skills is being able to think through a situation or problem and come up with an informed understanding of it. This skill is needful for everyone who intends to excel in careers.

The process of investigation adds value to the outcome of the analysis. An analytical mind is a great asset to anyone and any organisation.

Tip- Asking questions is key to getting the answers you need for this skillset.

Awareness – Commercial and Global

Organisations are a combination of policies, processes and procedures. Ensure you take advantage of the information and develop your knowledge bank on any company you apply to work for or are working with. There are goals, vision and strategies and various ways that they will be implemented. Knowing the commercial and global impacts and interpretations of your company in the relevant market equips you with better understanding and adds immerse value to your career progress.

Tip- Read!. Interact, ask questions and if possible, go over and beyond and discover information outside your job role.


Professionalism is the ability to project yourself as one with an all round great work ethics. Your appearance, communication and how you present yourself is essential for career success and progress. It is a timeless employability skill that everyone needs to imbibe and has a combination of all the mentioned skills discussed.

Tip– Is to always strive for excellence. Having a personal brand isn’t only for media personalities. It is important that you have a clear vision of who you are and how you want to be regarded in an organisation.

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