The ED’s Desk- Visualise Your 2024.

Welcome to 2024. I do hope you are looking forward to a spectacular year.

My team and I are thrilled to begin this year with addition to our team and more project portfolios. 2023 was kind and we expect an overflow in 2024.

One resonating action in rounding off the previous year was conducting a work experience for a vibrant and intelligent 16 year old and zoning in on the requirements of carrying out any role. We spoke about self development and leadership skills beyond getting certified as subject matter “experts”, these are skills that will keep you evolving. You can read the story on my LinkedIn Page.

Speaking about skills development, I embarked on a “give away” Data Bundle to anyone who could mention one self actualisation plan for 2024 and I would support that goal with data bundle. It was interesting to read responses and commitments towards personal development.

My team and I are committed to driving engagement across our portfolios of projects and will be good for you to sign up to our newsletters and follow our Social Media Pages so you do not miss out.

And so this month, I encourage you to have an actual vision board or list of goals you would like to achieve. Start by noting them down and then do a quick view on any skills gap you may have that needs to be done to achieve the goals. I will embark on the second Data Bundle support in February, you may just be one of the beneficiaries.

I love this quote – the 2 most important days you have are the day you were born and the day you find out why.

Remain impactful!

Añuli Aniebo
ED, HEIR Women Hub.

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