The reoccurrence of harassment can not be overemphasized. Regularly, young women encounter a series of harassment in different climes and just a little is done about it.

Most of the time, young women who face harassment are being asked to keep quiet and do nothing about it. They make women feel normalcy in such acts which is rather unacceptable.

The truth is, when you keep quiet over an issue, it is said that you’re a major part of that issue.

In recent times, different organizations have risen to help people who have suffered one form of harassment or the other. This help comes in different forms and this has helped a lot of survivors succor the hurt they’ve gone through with a renewed hope of finding safety.

Young women must learn to have zero tolerance for every form of harassment and raise their voices to ensure it stops and our territory becomes a place where we can wake, work and sleep with both eyes closed.

HEIR Women Hub is one such organization that frowns against any form of harassment against women and over time, we’ve realized that young women who do not have a safe environment are most likely not to ascend to their peak in their careers and every other sphere.

More hands need to be on deck to ensure that the menace of harassment against girls and young women alike becomes history.

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