Economic Injustice – Addressing the Inequality to SMEs Funding for Young Women.

Towards the end of 2024, HEIR Women Hub started a project with the support of the African Women Trust Fund (AWDF)

The economic disparity women face in Nigeria sees women as under-represented and underfunded. According to  Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Women’s Report (2016/2017), 1 in 4 women start or manage a business in Africa with $42 billion funding gap. While male-led ventures raised $4.6bn (96%), female-led start-ups in Africa raised $188m (4%) in 2022. Black female entrepreneurs experienced the poorest outcome, receiving 0.02% of funding overall.

The project will look to address the factors that limit young women’s access to economic inclusion in Nigeria. HEIR Women Hub will engage duty bearers in work environments responsible for policy implementation to improve young women’s economic inclusion.

Theory of Change; “If duty bearers are accountable to enforce policies promoting female-led start-ups’ access to start-up funds, and young women utilize such funds for expansion then this will lead to economic inclusion”.

This project has been up on a full gear. We want to appreciate the AWDF for the opportunity to work with them and we look forward to making the change that we seek.

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