Women and Leadership : Leadership and Transformation

Becoming a leader begins with accepting responsibility to first lead yourself and then moving on to leading others. There is no telling the huge impact a woman would have on her society who has mastered the art of personal leadership. This is exceptionally true because the bedrock of national transformation is personal transformation just like the bedrock of success in societal leadership is success in personal leadership. The greatest contribution you can make to the transformation of a nation is the person you become. Who you become speaks louder than mere talk. Talk is cheap, results and tangible achievements are more persuasive change drivers. Knowledge and desire for a transformed society is beautiful but until words meet with actions to produce results, it remains what is, mere talks.

So how really can you achieve personal leadership and transformation?

Ever heard of the word PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT? That’s your ever sure ticket to a better life, an improved leadership and a transformed society. Personal development is the only job nobody can sack you from. It is that involvement nobody can overthrow you from. There is no telling who you can become when you take seriously the task of improving yourself daily.

This is very achievable through:

  • Reading of books, articles, magazines and materials that seek to teach you how to become a better person: There is practically nothing you would want to learn about right now that you wouldn’t find a book or helpful material on if you look well and ask the right questions. The question is, do you really think you need to improve on anything in other to become more productive than you already are? How much do you desire to improve? Are you willing to do all it takes to become a better version of who you are already? Think about this very well because the present and the future does not belong to wishful thinkers, it belongs to people who know what they want and are willing to go all out to get it without holding back or people who see obstacles that can’t be surmounted or people who have excuses to give every step of the way.

Reading first and foremost gives you on a platter the experiences of great men and women to learn from. It shows you things to avoid and things to embrace. There is absolutely nothing you want to do that nobody has not done before or something you are struggling with that nobody hasn’t experienced and overcome before. Documentations via books span across every subject conceivable to your mind and most of these materials can be freely gotten online. You’ve got no excuse sweetheart, none.

Reading opens your mind to possibilities. Nothing is impossible to a man who has seen, heard or read about how great men defied odds to make their marks. The knowledge and ideas transmitted through the pages of books are so powerful that they can change you from nothing to something. You can be better, you are not handicapped, nothing is impossible to you because men who lived before you and experienced similar if not exact or even worse situations as yours, found a way around it. You must make up your mind to dive without any reservation into the ocean of personal development, it not only changes you, it changes every single person you exact influence over, it places your leadership on the transformational plane.

  • Attending seminars and conferences where you hear great minds speak faith into you by sharing proven principles: the amount paid to hear from professionals and experienced leaders is never a waste. A statement from them in such an atmosphere of much knowledge, experience and teaching could be the answer to your age long problem.
  • Get a mentor! Where He or she has been, you currently are and where He or she is, you are yet to be. He knows what you do not know and is therefore in a better position to help counsel, direct and if need be instruct you on how to go about becoming the best you can be.

In summary, to change your world, you must change you. If you are not seeing as much results as you desire to see, you must improve on what you know because we are as successful as how much we know. The more you know, the better you become and the better you become, the better your society becomes. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS THE KEY, grab it, run with it.

Guest Blogger

KC EZE is the president and pioneer of The Shift Africa Youths Initiative, an NGO that teaches and empowers young people on leadership and personal development. He is a collaborative leader with strong communication and interpersonal skills built over his 11years experience in managing campus and youth ministry. He is also a co-pioneer of Champions Youth Foundation International which has been serving spiritual, leadership and life skills to young people in secondary and tertiary institutions since 2010. He is a dynamic TV host with ACNN (Anglican Cable Network of Nigeria) and a husband.

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