COVID-19 Impacts on Employability Skills

Employers need candidates who can show and implement certain key skills required to contribute to an overall company and organisational goal.

Employability skills are required for anyone to get, keep and maintain a successful career.

The purpose of this training manual is to list and guide you on the types of skill set that you need to excel in your chosen career field.

The Need for Employability Skills Training

Employability skills are relevant expertise and strengths required for you to effectively and efficiently carry out your role in an organisation. You need a strong combination of these skills to not only get hired, but also, to enjoy your role and progress in your career.

  1. To set you apart in your career
  2. To give you a starting ground in a new job
  3. To help you identify skills you need to develop and skills you need to learn
  4. To enable you perform and carry out tasks and responsibilities better

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