Turning your weakness into strength in a job interview

leadershipblogEvery professional talent manager knows how to determine what will suit the organisation that he/she is recruiting for. Job interviews are designed to know as much as possible about the candidate in other to make an informed decision to hire or not to hire.

At my recently completed Hire ME Bootcamp, a participant needed to understand why hiring managers ask ‘what are your weaknesses?’ and from my experience, in most interviews especially those in Nigeria, candidates are not aware of how answering this question can become the reason they get hired. Most candidates actually say they have no weaknesses.

It is my personal opinion that everyone has weaknesses. It isn’t something to be celebrated rather, it is something to use to one’s advantage.

To win at an interview, you first need to be true to who you are. That way, you can articulate what you are really good at and what you are not good at but are working on improving.

An example of a weaknesses could be that working under pressure is not your favourite thing to do. You answer should be around the following

  1. Identify the weakness- Realising that you have this weakness has enabled you to increase your time management by taking time management skills training
  2. Utilising the allocated work hours to perform your duties on time and willing to put in the extra work/time to get the job done on-time so you don’t have to work under pressure.

There are many weaknesses that we can turn into a strength to be awesome in our careers and chosen field.

We can help you, reach out to us for more details and we will be more than happy to support.

To your success!


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