Renewable Energy – Maximizing opportunities to include women

I developed new insights into the world of renewable energy – challenges the nation still face and most importantly, the gaps that still exist for the inclusion of women.

The women in renewal energy leadership workshop, organised by the Clean Technology Hub, co-founded by Ify Malo, brought to light significant disparities that exist in the participation of women and men in the energy sector.

There is so much information that exists in the access of opportunities that should benefit young women. Nigeria’s statistics on gender inclusion as it impacts women, is already on an all time high – 65% of Nigerians living under extreme poverty are women.

Priority areas to maximise opportunities are:

ICT and Technology Innovation – keep empowering women to develop their own clean energy innovation

Education – prepare the growing population on the need to have skills required for STEM

Empowering women for renewable energy by creating awareness of the gaps that exist in education, employment and entrepreneurship and then providing the relevant accesses to close the gaps has already begun.

Career pathways in renewable energy is still explorable and achievable.

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