It has been an interesting year in the Nigerian Political sphere. Some of the happenings have been quite significant to the future of our dear country.

Before the elections, we were at a crossroads, wondering if what we’ve envisioned for young women will come into fission or will be thrown into a farther future.

It is in this light that HEIR Women Hub would be hosting a live session to discuss the aftermath of the 2023 general elections.

Ene Oshaba, a major stakeholder in the recently concluded elections would be our guest in this epic conversation as we discuss in depth the fate of young women in Nigerian politics.

This has been made possible by the Nigerian Youth Futures Fund @ng_youthfund and Leap Africa @leapafrica with support from Ford Foundation and Mac Arthur Foundation.

This is under the project titled;

#TheNigeriaWeWant is possible. Let’s keep working to bring it to reality.

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