The Chairman of ICPC Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye gave a welcome address.

He welcomed everyone present starting from the dignitaries present and others in attendance.

Professor Toyin Falola gave a keynote address on the topic and he excellently delivered his presentation. One of the outstanding postulations he made was “Show me one corrupt person and I will show you 5 people who are not corrupt.” He said he believes that we have more uncorrupt persons in Nigeria than we have corrupt persons. He stated that corrupt people are present in sensitive positions which further amplifies their corrupt actions.

During the group discussion, many participants aired their views where most persons argued that corruption has eaten very deep into Nigeria, as children in primary schools are already exposed to corrupt practices through examination malpractice and other illegal acts.

Recommendations were given and some of them include:

1. All key stakeholders invited to the policy dialogue should implement advocacy programs in their constituencies.

2. All stakeholders should list out corruption indicating social norm that needs to be discouraged and anti-corruption norms that need to be encouraged.

3. All key stakeholders should lead by example to inspire their members and constituents.

4. Code of conduct should be enabled to carry out constitutional mandates.

These are the few among many other recommendations made at the event after the panel discussion.

Some of the dignitaries present include:

HRH, Emir Chindo Yamusa, the emir of Keffi, The Chairman of ICPC, Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, ACAN Chairman, Prof. Olatunde Babawale, and many others. The speaker of the House of Representatives and the Senate president both sent representatives. The members of the press, CSOs, and religious and, traditional and educational heads were ably represented at the dialogue.

HEIR Women Hub team members were also present at this event as HEIR Women Hub has been a member of the Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria ACAN since August 2022.

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