What is the Hiring Manager looking for?

What is the Hiring Manager really looking for at the Interview?

Congratulations on getting an interview, it means you at least have your foot in the door and it’s now the time to make that count. A little fidgety, nervous and butterflies, that is okay. You got this! You have prepared by applying for this job and now is the opportunity to secure it. Let’s go….

Attention and Preparation

From your countenance to the tone of your voice, the hiring manager can detect how prepared you are for the interview. Every second counts from stepping into the door till you leave the room and building. Ensure you give due attention to everything going around you at the interview and you have prepared efficiently for this session.

Understanding why you are here

It is worth having a preview to the Job Description and Person Specification of the job/role in question. This will be where most of the questions will be derived from so know what the role is for and how it can or should be executed.

Answering questions

No one likes to listen to a rambling candidate. Expect scenario type questions like ‘tell me how you did this or did that‘ or ‘give me a situation where you had to resolve a conflict or worked under pressure’, or even around time management and prioritization depending on the type of role and organization it is. Your answers should be intelligent, tactical, straight to the point and audible.

Interview Outfit

Yes, it is not about the fashion and No, that is not an excuse to present yourself shabbily. You should be on point, hair packed and away from your face, moderate makeup, smart professional outfit (depending on the type of role) and for men, clean shaved or tidy shaved face, smart and professional outfit. The idea is to look, smell and be presentable and neat.

Look and act interested

You should have done your research enough to know why you need this role. Go in with a pen and notepad to take notes especially when you ask them questions after your interview. Body language is essential. You should exhume confidence and always have a smile but not too much. Think through your questions and answer truthfully and please ensure you know your CV and can elaborate on it.


Hiring Managers don’t like to waist time on recruitment. They will be searching for one who can be committed to the role, team vision, mission and overall company goals. You are the one to make them see that they need you.

Ask questions

This shows how prepared you are and how much value you can bring to the role and the organisation. Pick out questions that will make you shine and stand out.

Have you got any tips that worked for you? Do share!

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