The Future of Work- 5 evolving skills required for the workplace.

CHANGE! It is a constant phenomenon, inevitable and progressive in nature and can elude you or leave you behind.

Experts have studied change and it’s impact on many areas and find that it is ideal and wise to keep oneself aware of the changing world. You may remember when the smart phone wasn’t this smart and how we now have so many, with corresponding applications, to master and use. What used to be, is no longer what it used be. That has a trickle down effect on every area of life – either great or not so great.

The future, as we see it today, will not necessarily remain the same, tomorrow. Changes to the way we work are constantly evolving therefore the skills that are required to work will also be constantly changing.

5 skill areas are evolving; they are:


A leader is much more than a title. The skill sets are involving, evolving sacrificial, selfless, visionary, indispensable and rewarding.

A leader shows room for improvement and applies herself to growing, learning and development. Leadership qualities cut across career, entrepreneurship, family and community life. Roles are not just task based, they will include leadership skill sets for the ideal future work setting.

Diversity and Inclusion

In the changing world of work, there is a very strong need to work with people from diverse backgrounds and unite to accomplish a common goal at work. The future work environment needs one who can interact with people irrespective of their diversity. Understanding and adaptability is key to the new age of work in an inclusive work environment.


The use of imagination to create or invent is a characteristics that is prevalent in the future of work. Creativity is like change -constantly thinking and evolving to become better and more improved.


The future of work has many innovations and you need to be comfortable in applying yourself to the changing technological skills that abound. It is not just enough to know them, you need to also work with it as well as realise how it impacts work outputs.

Adapting to change

The future world of work will continue to change and an ability and skill to develop, is the power to accept, adapt and embrace change. As change is inevitable (and this cuts across to all facets of life and living), it is essential that one sees change as a good thing and not as a burden or set back.

Get yourself updated as the future of work is already happening today.


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