Lets talk Passion and Vision.

Let’s talk Passion and Vision. The concepts of passion and vision have been used interchangeably by people. It is pretty essential to note that these two concepts are not the same, and until you get it right, you may get stuck in a well of assumptions. What is Passion? Passion is a strong emotion towards[…]

Setting Achievable Goals; 6 Helpful Tips

Just a few days ago we were all shouting Happy New Year and congratulating one another for making it into the new year. It was such an awesome moment filled with happiness. The ever unstoppable time continued ticking while we continued with the celebration. For some people, the year is very much fresh and there[…]

Vision Boards – What can you see?

I have always learnt to write down goals I want to see achieved in my notebook. It has become essential for me and has helped me clearly articulate thoughts floating around in my head. Creating a vision board came a few years ago and infact, I have done the vision board creation in the last[…]