Career lessons from Wonder Woman

wwDiana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, is a half-god, half-mortal and a super human hero whose destiny from birth may have been to save the world from utter destruction however, she also couldn’t avoid or escape the necessary lessons she needed to learn in order to accomplish the goals set before her.

Here are 4 career lessons we learnt and want to share with you.

Practice makes perfection

Diana grew up watching other women practice and even mimicked some kicks herself as a little girl. When she got the opportunity to learn, she gave it her all and it enabled her to grow in her skills and develop new ones. Practicing and growing in a skill or career will get you the perfection you desire. Don’t run away from that extra task, take on the project and give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow in your chosen career.

Have a dedicated mentor and (or) coach

The quality of mentorship you get is as important as the mentor. Diana had her aunty, Antiope, as her coach. Who would have done a better job than her aunt?. Antiope not only believed in Diana’s destiny, she also dedicated quality time to see that Diana’s ‘Wonder Woman’ goals were met by intense training, motivation and encouragement. Find someone who believes in your career goals and gives you the required amount of push and training you need to get there.

Grow through mistakes

Despite the passion, practice and mentoring, Diana had to make her own mistakes. Assuming that General Ludendorff was the god that required killing, was a costly mistake she had to immediately learn from. She lost her on screen love, Steve Trevor due to that decision however she gained more knowledge, grace and of course, strength, from that mistake. Great purpose can come from great pain. Mistakes can happen in your career. Ensure you have a time to reflect, re-position yourself and reach the goals you set anyway.

Stay true and relevant

When the world was eventually saved, Diana choose a path and stayed true to it. Returning to the island was no longer an option for her. Saving the world became her eternal mission and she stayed true to it. Once you find that career path, make every necessary plan to stay true and relevant. Develop, adapt, grow and become indispensible.

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