5 Ways to Increase and Maintain your Career Capacity


A word that only those seeking to be and maintain success, know all to well.

There are many ways to be successful but the surest way is to increase your level of capacity in whatever it is you are doing and at every given opportunity.


Capacity means the maximum amount that something can contain, generate or produce.

I share 5 simple ways that can easily increase your career capacity. Read on:

Know your key strengths

You have a gift. Call it talent, skill or passion. Just know you have a gift. Figure out what it is. It is also identified as your key strength. You already have it. It may take time to discover but you will and can discover them.

Develop and learn from others

The interesting thing is that you can always find a person who also identifies with your strength and has done more in developing this key attribute. That is why we have mentors or coaches and role models. You should have an attitude that is willing to learn. Your attitude to learning from others will determine your acceleration.

Take personal responsibility

You are what you create. Make decisions and stand by the consequences of them. Kill that entitlement mindset, seek out what you need to be in a better position. Learn to avoid blaming everyone but yourself. Determine to not only grow but to also be the one going to make sure you definitely grow.

Avoid distractions

You have no business with anything or anyone who isn’t supporting your growth process. When it comes to career capacity, avoid anything that falls short of the standard set for you. Better still, set a higher professional standard for yourself and pursue it with all tenacity.

Share your learning

Be sure to find opportunities to give back. There will be someone or a cause you can share what you have learnt with. Lend your skill and talent to support and pull someone up. Remember, you too were once there.

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