Respectful Workplace week.

A lot of things contribute to having a respective work environment in government, private, development, and informal workspaces.

Over the years, gender biases in workspaces have been evident. HEIR Women Hub has had several research projects that have shown in recent times that the biases against young women in an average workspace are very present.

  • Bullying is one of the many factors mitigating against having a Respectful workplace in our society today.
  • Sexual Harassment is yet another sting against young women.

In October 2022, we interviewed 200 men from different parts of Nigeria to check their knowledge gap on sexual harassment against women in the workplace and 99% of these men affirmed that women are more harassed than men in an average workplace.

We want to use this medium to call on the government, CSOs, groups, and individuals to hold up the fight to ensure that the work environment becomes a respectful environment for everyone irrespective of gender, culture, or values.

We say, Happy Respectful Workplaces Week, let’s bring the respect into reality.

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