Women Rising at Work- A Call To Action

ithinkMore than ever, women are coming to the realization that certain ideologies, myths and mindset have added to setting an agenda that limits productivity rather than promote it. More than ever, women are climbing out of the stereotypical pits and crawling out of dark holes to find themselves and achieve what has always been theirs.

A successful career has it’s own challenges but we are yet to have an equal playing field for men and women. One can argue the many challenges that exist- social, cultural, financial, political- however all these arguments have been made by men. How about a woman tells the world how she feels? Shouldn’t the person wearing the shoe be better positioned to share how it feels?

The statistics for unemployment in Nigeria shows that more women are negatively impacted than men when it comes to work.

Unemployment for women was at 15.9% and 12% for men. Under employment for women was at 22.9% and men was 16.7%. (Source: NBS. 3rd Quarter, August 31st, 2016)

I applaud women who have used their intelligence, resilience and strong will to break the glass ceilings in this country. Women who have not allowed man made strongholds limit them and deter them from their true self and purpose.

A challenge women face is the unequal criteria set for getting into and sustaining a successful career. Sex, for as long as I can remember, has always been a part of existence with women being in the forefront of its objectivity. Sex is what has been subliminally agreed to be used as a tool to ‘buy and sell’, placing women as it’s sales agents.

Intelligent women are not given the equal platform to work, lead and be in decision making positions as much as men are and I dare say that most intelligent women will do a great job, if not better.

Intelligence is the best tool for transaction, not sex. If the men will change their mindset and myths about this, women will rise up over and beyond the limits in their careers. If women will trade with intelligence at every given opportunity, men will align themselves to the mantra.

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-8 which is Decent Work and Economic Growth, the United Nations (UN) target for 2030 is that women are part of an inclusive economic growth that will foster benefits for all.

Restrictions (all man made) need to become obsolete for young women trying to gain a decent employment as well as working women focussed on creating a successful career. Sustainability has become a national problem and not a woman’s problem.

The Gender and Equality Bill (GEO Bill) has made provisions for setting a new norm regarding women leading from a career platform.

Elimination of Discrimination in Education, Employment and Marital Status. The Bill provides for the elimination of discrimination against women in the field of employment, occupation and profession. It guarantees the right to work commensurate with the skill and competence, expertise and knowledge (Clause 8)

International Womens Day is not just a day in a year to talk and change the status quo on women. It is an everyday modus operandi. It’s not just for women, it is for all who want to see a better state of affairs in our country, Nigeria.

Being bold for change is critical. Now is the time.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Anuli Ola-Olaniyi.

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