Addressing Child Domestic Abuse- Who is culpable?

Domestic violence is perpetrated by any gender. These roles are ‘performed’ in any gender identity or category however data still strongly indicates men over women intimate partner violence as the mainstreamed social problems. Violence also covers in-laws abuse, staff abuse, sexual assault and harassment, trafficking and solicitation, pimping, verbal abuse of which emerging data is positing women as victims as well as perpetrators. 

Financing Women Owned MSMEs- Financial Investors Need To Be More Inclusive

Female entrepreneurs in Nigeria contribute to 50% of the Nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). McKinsey Global Institute implies that this can go up to 19% in 2025 (up to 90 billion Dollars) if the systems are inclusive and equitable towards women in micro, medium small enterprises (MSMEs). But how can this happen when only 10% of commercial loans go towards women’s businesses and Nigerian women own 40% of businesses?