My team and I embarked on a project supported by the African Women Development Bank (AWDF), to address the factors that limit young women in accessing loans and funding for their micro, small, medium businesses.

Nigeria has a growing – working population that are youth centred, the unemployment and underemployment figures according to National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), increasing year on year, also shows that women are significantly impacted more than men. The gender implications for women in security, poverty, health, leadership and political representation, is on the rise. While a solution is to create an environment that nurtures everyone inclusively, the economic interventions are still limiting and its impact affects women’s economic power.

To further unpack this factors and gaps, HEIR Women Hub Validation Meeting is to share to the general public, stakeholders and decision makers, our survey outcomes, analyse data we have collected and proffer solutions to parastatals and financial institutions as a tool to better strategise to minimise the gap that women-led businesses face.

I have been opportune to speak to this and my opinions are published on BluePrint Newspapers and Global Sentinel and press statements to inform and invite the public to this validation meeting is also on Vanguard, NAN News and Quick News Africa.

For more on this survey validation meeting, please send us an email on

Añuli Aniebo.

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