Women’s Protest in Abuja.

The Nigerian Federal lawmakers voted against all gender bills in the Constitution Amendment exercise despite Aisha Buhari’s led delegate that included Dolapo Osinbajo and the honorable Minister of Women Affairs to the federal house of Representative.

This is very depressing news. Women over time have been known to perform efficiently when given opportunities to thrive in Nigeria. It is quite unfortunate that after many years, these bills were all rejected.

An ongoing protest started on Wednesday 2nd March 2022 and continued today, the 3rd of March.

We are calling on the National assembly to review this decision and give women a fair hearing. The current protest, although peaceful, reminds us of the 1929 women’s war during the colonial era, where many women (Igbo women especially) lost their lives for this cause. This has been 93 years, and only a little progress has been recorded. What is our fate?

We sure need to break the socialization system that has made us believe women can’t be more.

Image source: Sahara Reporters

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