What do men Know?

We tend to focus on women when we talk about sexual harassment and career barriers while men are being left behind.

Based on the findings from HEIR Women Hub’s self-sponsored survey last year, we discovered that over 70% of the men we interviewed haven’t heard of any law that checks mates’ sexual harassment against women in the workplace.

A good percentage of these men too didn’t realize that some acts they commonly engage in are considered forms of sexual harassment.

The more men we engage in this fight the more quickly we would get in overcoming this struggle.

We would be sharing some of the findings from this research on all our spaces for you to know and not just know but also help in spreading the word as we cannot do this all alone.

HEIR Women Hub is on a steady walk to ensure that women attain their full potential in all spheres and carrying out this survey has really broadened our ideology, and given us more direction on tackling this hazard.

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