Teamwork; An Essential Tool for Organizational Growth

Teamwork refers to the selfless effort of a group of people working towards achieving a common goal despite individual differences.
Working as a team is crucial to the growth of the organization alongside the team players. This is because as the team rubs minds together ideas and information are exchanged that bring about innovation.

Furthermore, their ability to provide solutions to difficult problems, therefore, enhancing their creative thinking process. What would take an individual a day or two to accomplish, would take a team less time that is why the word ‘TEAM’ is conceived to be
T= Together
E= Everyone
A= Achieve
M= More

Certain factors are required for effective teamwork;

1. Communication: For a team to be effective and efficient, open and honest communication must exist among them. Team members should be able to communicate freely and be encouraged to air their opinions without the fear of receiving destructive criticism.

2. Roles defined: Who plays what role, when, and how should be spelled out. Each team player should have clarity on the role they are expected to play. This prevents conflict between the team members.

3. Commitment to the Common Goal: A team is expected to have a common goal, objective, or vision, and all team members must understand this goal and buy into it. This way they will be able to give the best to see that the goal is achieved. Even with the individual goal, the collective goal will be given more priority.

4. Mutual Respect: A great team is one in which all its members show respect for one another. There is respect for the emotions of others and they are fully aware that respect can only be earned therefore, they can gain the trust of one another.

5: Delegate: Members of the team have an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, they appreciate their uniqueness, and realize this to their advantage by assigning duties based on individual’s abilities and while complementing each other efforts.

Teamwork is so very essential to the growth of the organization and it requires hard work and commitment to make it work.

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