Sports and Recreational Activities: Why should Young Women Get Involved.

Our involvement in physical activities as young women can never be overemphasized as there are huge benefits that accrue to our participation in sporting events. In addition to the fun we get, there are social, psychological, and physical benefits attached to engaging in sports.

All the 20th and 21st centuries witnessed the increase in female participation in sports, however, there is still a huge difference in the statistics of male participation in comparison to that of females.

Sports and recreational activities have several benefits for women and girls and below are some of the benefits of sports for girls and women;

1. Health: women and girls who are actively engaged in sporting activities have fewer chances of developing chronic diseases. For instance, the possibility of them suffering from breast cancer is slim and they tend to have regular menstruation. Hence their participation helps them lead a healthy life.

2. Skill Development: Engagement in sporting events assists girls and women develop skills such as teamwork, effective time management, and organization. This is because during sports, they are expected to manage their time and some sports is to test their ability to work in a team. All these help in the development and enhancement of these skills.

3. Academic Excellence: Studies have shown that teen girls that participate in sporting activities tend to excel academically particularly in science-related courses as they are dedicated to their studies and are less likely to drop out of college. This is correct, as they get to learn the art of dedication, commitment, and perseverance which they apply to their studies also. In addition, they are mentally sound and as such have no challenge of assimilation.

4. Expansion of Network: Through her engagement in sports, she would get to meet with people, form collaboration, and thereby expand her network. For instance, when there is an inter-school or organizations plan competition among them, this presents them a great opportunity to interact with other people and form new friendships that will be mutually ìbeneficial to them.

5. Improved Self-esteem: Sports boost her self-worth as they assist in building confidence in herself and the skills she possesses. Each victory she gets further enhances her confidence.

Sports and recreational activities are highly beneficial for women and girls. There is a need for young women and girls to be sensitized on the importance of getting involved and they should be supported through the process.

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