Sexual Harassment at work place (1)

  1. Sexual Harassment At Workplace (1).

At Heir Women Development, we just concluded a research on Career barriers and Workplace Sexual Harassment Against young women in Nigeria. Using the FCT as our case study, we discovered that many women have faced or are currently facing sexual harassment at their workplace.

This research was beyond rhetorical assumptions, but it came with evidential reports from women around the FCT on their experiences at the workplace.

Some of these women do not even want to talk about it while others are confident enough to share their thoughts.

Sexual Harassment is beyond rape, as some people have classified rape as the only form of sexual harassment.

A good number of women said they’d experienced sexual harassment from their superiors; others were from their subordinates.

In our next article, we will be sharing a statistical analysis of this research even as we join forces with other bodies to fight the menace of Sexual Harassment in Nigeria and beyond.

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