Sexual Harassment at work place (2)

Sexual Harassment at workplace (2)

HEIR Women Development is a social enterprise borne out of the need to see young women take on more decision-making positions and venture into leadership opportunities. In this regard, we recently completed research on “Career barriers and workplace sexual harassment against young women in Nigeria,” using Abuja Nigeria as a case study.

It was disclosed that about 91% of women who have encountered sexual harassment at the workplace were harassed by their superiors at work.

14% of these women revealed that they were raped at the workplace. Also, only 33% percent of organizations have rights protecting women in the work environment, 68% of these organizations are not responsive towards women’s rights. FORD Foundation supported our recent research.

At HEIR Women Development, we are particular about ensuring women’s right are not just made laws but enforced into different facets of society.

We call on every individual, group, and society to take up responsiveness for women’s rights. This will not only improve our society as a whole but also help reduce the menace of gender inequality at large.

A safe woman in the workplace is a woman who would be more productive, contributing positively to societal growth.

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