Setting Achievable Goals; 6 Helpful Tips

Just a few days ago we were all shouting Happy New Year and congratulating one another for making it into the new year. It was such an awesome moment filled with happiness. The ever unstoppable time continued ticking while we continued with the celebration. For some people, the year is very much fresh and there is still more time, however, it is important to note that time waits for no one therefore there is a need to set goals we want to achieve this year. Goals serve as yardsticks to measure the progress made and what areas need improvements.

Studies have shown that 92% of goals set for the new year are not accomplished at the end of the year as 25% of the people gave up on their goals very early in the year. Therefore in this article, we will be looking at tips that will help you in ensuring that you design achievable goals. Goals require consistency, hard work, and determination to achieve them.

Tips on designing achievable goals include;
1. Set Achievable Goals: In setting goals for this year, ensuring that your goals are feasible is doable. This is because when goals are not workable, it brings frustration, and consequently, such an individual becomes depressed. Therefore, let your goals for 2022 be, those that are realistic.

2. Choose Goals are Specific: By specific, this refers to being certain about what goal you want to achieve within what time frame and what methods you would employ to make accomplish that goal. For instance, as a young woman, you aspire to increase your income base this year, you must be certain about your saving plan, expenses to cut down among others. Making your goals specif gives a clear picture of what you would need to attain those goals you have set for yourself.

3. Assign Timelines to your Goals: Goals without timelines or deadlines may not be achieved as these deadlines keep one in check and ensure we get what we intend to achieve. A goal of reading 12 books before the year comes may not be effectively achieved as reading one book per month for 12 months. With timelines, goals become more defined.

4. Passionately Commit to your Goals: For goals to be accomplished, one needs to be enthusiastic about such goals. In the opening paragraphs, we saw that goals require hard work, determination, and consistency to make them happen. It is not enough to set goals, such goals require 100% loyalty from you, therefore, set goals that interest you, internalize those goals and pursue them with everything you’ve got in you.

5. Learn to Analyze your Goals: Evaluating your goals serve as a medium to see how well you are performing about the goals. This evaluation can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. Through evaluating your goals, you may discover some goals that need to be broken down or even dropped.

6. Celebrate yourself: Give yourself some accolades for every win you get. Despite the external rewards, you will receive, learn to celebrate yourself for the wins no matter how little as this brings true satisfaction and intensify your passion for your goals.

Everyone that has ever attained the height of greatness is a goal setter. They do not only set those goals but commit themselves to ensure that those goals are achieved by the end of the timeline you have determined. To track your progress this year, set achievable goals using the tips provided above.

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