Say No To Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in all forms will continue to thrive if the perpetrators of these crimes are left without punishment.

We a glad to know that the suspect of the murder of Osinachi Nwachukwu, in the person of Mr. Peter Nwanchukwu, has been arrested. The FG, lawyers, and other bodies, including the deceased’s family, are working tirelessly to ensure this criminal is brought to book.

Any unpunished crime creates more offenders, making our society inhabitable for a particular group.

A lot of sensitization has been on for a few days now, and more sensitization should be done to ensure that this ignorance is tackled.

Submission is not foolish. Love and submission work hand in hand.

Women, please note that whenever your life is threatened, you must first find safety before you sort alternatives for reconciliation. If your children are the reason you consider remaining in an abusive relationship, you must remember that when you die, they’d be all alone.

Please, if at any point, someone confides in you about being abused in any form, do well to do something about it. Talk to the right persons to ensure the victims are delivered from such conditions.


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