Positive Energy is in Your Hands

Positive Energy is in Your Hands.

Every day and every season comes with its energy. There are times when the energy you find is negative, other times it is positive.

Today, we want to let you know that you’re a huge part of the energy you receive from the world. Every day you wake up with something new, this new thing may be good or bad but you must know that it is solely in your hands what you make from what life offers.

Cold weather may suggest that you sleep and slumber in your bed. The energy to achieve this may be available but, you are in a position to tell yourself, “rather than sleep, I will make the most of this energy to do some productive activities.”

Also, it is essential to note that you are likely to attract the energy you emit. Most times when people deliver the wrong energy in the morning hours or throughout the day, people will certainly say, “She must have woke up from the left (wrong) side of the bed.” This may not mean you woke up from the left side per se, it may just suggest that you woke up with bad energy and it is reflected in your speech and action and vice versa.

All of these leave us with a question, How do I attract good energy always?
Here are tips to guide you in attracting positive energy:

1. Note that you attract what you carry. You obviously can’t expect to receive good energy when you are emitting negative energy. You’re sure to attract what you give. So, every morning examine the energy you carry, ensure it is good then tag along with it.

2. What are you thinking of? You must put a check on your thought, it is said that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. A pessimist will attract pessimism and it becomes a cycle. Guard your thought to be positive even in the fiercest condition.

3. Shut external negative energy. Some people staying around them will puncture your perfect energy. Try as much as possible to avoid them. In cases where you can’t obviously avoid them, you’d need to guard your heart and mind to make sure you’re protected from what they throw at you.

Subsequently, we will discuss how you can guard yourself against receiving toxic energy. Never forget that you’re in the position to determine the energy you emit or receive each day.

Good energy is so much, never forget to take a dose each day.

At HEIR Women Development, we are concerned about your well-being.
Have a great week.

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