Positive Energy is in Your Hands 2

Positive Energy is in Your Hands 2
Guarding your heart against toxic energy.

You may not control what people throw at you but you must be able to put yourself in a position of accepting or declining it.

If you find yourself around gossip, it is your choice to join them in their act. If you find yourself amongst intellectually sound persons, it is in your power to get value and share value too.

The first step in guarding your heart against toxic energy is being intentional about what you allow in your space.

Secondly, you must ensure that you keep yourself from not being the one with the negative energy. Stay true to only what engineers positivity.

You may say, it is easier said than done but we will say, it begins when you start.

Dear woman, stay true to only what brings optimistic vibes to you.
Have a good evening.

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