Overcoming Fear.

Overcoming Fear.

Fear is a deadly poison that slowly eats up the courage and replaces it with anxiety. Fear has never been known to have a positive repercussion. Yet, a whole lot of people have been trapped in the mid of fear. People are afraid for many reasons; fear to try out new things, fear to live in one’s full potential, fear of change or progress, etc.

A lot of events can stir up fear in you, but you should never forget that you are a product of the choices you make. It is left for you to shake it off and move on or remain in its fold, limiting yourself. Fear, just like love, is a feeling, it is sure to come at some point, but it is your choice to let it go or hold on to it.

How do you overcome fear?

1. Face it. Most of the time, what you are afraid of does not exist. Face what you fear; it will challenge you to overcome.

2. See fear as an enemy. No one wants to stick with an enemy. Good! Let your actions drive fear.

3. Breathe amidst panic. Panic should not wreck you. At all cost, make it a point of duty to ease off when you feel threatened.

4. Visualize a better position. When faced with fear, picture yourself in a better place; this will challenge you to face your fears and overcome them.

5. Talk about it. Most phobias thrive when they are bred in silence. Talk to people who can help you. You must be cautious enough not to meet people who will insight your fears but help you overcome them.

There is nothing good in fear. Fear offers nothing but limitations to you. Challenge yourself each day to stay positive; positivity demeans fear.

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