Mentorship; a Prerequisite to Professional Advancement

My encounter with Prof Akpan that led to the transformation of my life began in 2014. On that fateful day, he entered my class and introduced him, I am Prof Akpan and I will be taking you Geo 201. Neither did he make all of his classes interesting and enlightening but he ensure that we were set on course to achieve our goals in life. This is my endeared to Prof Akpan who became my academic mentor and this enhanced my performance as a student. I graduated top of my class and received an award for the best graduating student in my faculty which comprises 4 departments, amazing right?
The importance of mentorship can never be overemphasized. Soft skills, clear vision, network, effective communication among others are key ingredients needed to advance professionally. However, many professionals tend to neglect these factors particularly mentorship. Also, through the assistance of a mentor, your career goal or vision gets further clarity and you gain speed in climbing up the professional ladder as your perception of things becomes broadened. Studies show that 80% of CEOs subscribe to mentorship. Another research conducted by CNBC revealed that 9 staff out of 10 are satisfied with their job as a result of having a mentor.
A mentor is concerned about your development hence would ensure that he or she provides you access to the right information, professional network, and platforms to enhance your skills and develop capacity. Equally, through years of experience, a mentor helps his or her mentee to overcome challenges or errors they may encounter in the career journey. There is a saying that “we learn through experience”, for I do not need to learn from my experience all the time when I can learn from other people’s experiences.
Oprah Winfrey said “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself” and would offer to all that this is required to ensure that you succeed.
Everyone needs a mentor in respective of your position or years of experience as it is essential for career advancement.

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