Maximizing your Potentials for Optimal Growth

Years ago, I read a book by Dr. Myles Moore on Understanding the Power and Purpose of a Woman. In this book, Myles revealed that a woman is endowed with huge potentials therefore she is very powerful and can create an impact in her world.

As women, we have potentials that need to be effectively maximized to make us become all that we were designed to become.

Some strategies that can assist us to maximize our potentials include the following;

1. Learn is Continuous: Openness to learning is crucial to maximizing our potentials. This is because learning exposes us to new ideas that bring us improvement and growth. The world is evolving and sticking to old ways of doing things will yield little or no results. Therefore we must be a fanatic about learning.

2. A Constant Reminder of Your Goal/Purpose: Daily remind yourself of the goal you intend to achieve in life and the reason for your existence. This will help you avoid wasting your time on things that are not productive to you achieving your purpose and goal in life. This reminder will help you maintain your focus and reduce things that can distract you.

3. Design a Daily Plan: Get a plan on activities you will engage in daily that will contribute towards your achieving your purpose. For instance, having a To-Do List is a great way to get you on target and avoid procrastination.

4. Set High Standards: Setting high standards for yourself will make you accountable and this will enable you to achieve success.

These standards could be very tough for you however, they needed to push you in giving your very best and this will set you apart from the rest.

Most people go through life with their potentials untapped, others live a life filled with regrets as they failed to maximize their potentials. You can start now to maximize your potentials and live your life to its fullness.

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