Lets talk Passion and Vision.

Let’s talk Passion and Vision.

The concepts of passion and vision have been used interchangeably by people. It is pretty essential to note that these two concepts are not the same, and until you get it right, you may get stuck in a well of assumptions.

What is Passion?

Passion is a strong emotion towards something or someone; this could be love or hate. It’s a feeling that drives you to do something per time.

Passion is firm, and when it hits you, you feel you can do anything within your means to have things done. Many people are all-round passionate folks, while others have passion only for a few things like love, work, business, etc.

What is Vision?

Vision is a foreseen insight that a person aspires to achieve at all costs. Beyond a feeling, it is a drive, mostly a long-term or lifetime drive, that keeps you moving till you succeed.

Vision is one’s ability to know what is ahead and use every tool possible to get it no matter how long it takes.
Understanding both terms is quite tricky. In other words, Vision is where you are going, while passion is the energy needed to stay visionary.
It is crucial to use a passion for the right reasons; proper application makes you a goal-getter and a champion in your field.

• If you peradventure have been guilty of using your passion for the wrong reasons, it is never too let to make some adjustments.

• Discover your vision if you’re yet to, put passion into it, and see how the game turn in your favor.

• Passion may fade, but vision will not; that is why you need the vision to charge your passion smoothly through life’s journey.

Remain focused. Conquer territories.
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