Kiara and Leah

Being a boxer, I had always taught my kids self-defense. Although, there was never a need to punch anybody who tried to take advantage of them but it majorly helped their mindset. God blessed me with two amazing daughters, Kiara and Leah and I am so proud of them.

Being an Igbo man, my extended family wanted to put pressure on my wife to bear a male son but I shut them out duly. “Girls are as good as boys, if not better,” I told my uncle.

My wife and I never relented in doing what we had to do to have our girls make impacts in all facets of life.

I remembered when Kiara decided to study Urban and Regional Planning, so many people talked her down.

“That’s a man’s course, you won’t thrive in it.”

Kiara almost got discouraged if not for the timely intervention from her mum. She took the bull by the horn and delved into what society never saw as normal and guess what? She graduated as the overall best student in her faculty.

Need I mention how proud I was? Of course, Kiara made her mum and me proud. Leah chose sports and has been successful as a badminton player. She has represented our country well in global sports festivals. Aside from sport, she was able to balance up as a biologist.

I am super proud of my girls. Amid this excellence, they still are very cultured.

Gender should never be a bias. Children should be raised to be the best irrespective of their gender. A woman will do exactly, if not more than what a man will.

I hope this motivated you?

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