Increase Women’s Participation for Inclusive and Sustainable Development of the Society

Nations where women are granted access to leadership positions,have experienced rapid development. For instance,Rwanda, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Australia and others. While these nations are expanding, Nigeria is still faced with quite several challenges limiting its development

One of the needs of Nigerian women is the desire for inclusion. This cut across every sector of the economy as they yearn for political, social, and economic inclusion. Since Nigeria gained its independence in 1960, women are still at the bottom when it comes to the issue of decision-making.

Now, how many women do you find in top managerial positions in organizations?
How many women are elected into the legislature?
How many women have become governors?
The answer is rather a negative one as it is very little visible for women in the decision-making process despite the 35% affirmative action consented by the government to increase the participation of women.

There is an urgent need to lift the glass ceiling over the political space to have more women at the decision-making table. Women are agents of change, they are record-setter, Innovation, and result-driven as has been seen from the works of  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Meaza Ashenafi Oby Ezekwesili, Emtithal Mahmoud, Amina Mohammed, Tolulope Arotile just to mention a few.

We need more women in the technological sector, mining, and should be entrusted with key leadership responsibilities. With this, there is no doubt that there will be rapid growth and development of our great nation.

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